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  • Incorporated in 1989 in Mumbai.
  • To encourage India's globalization impetus, with entrepreneurially setup services.
  • Part of the Manoobhai Doongursee Group  which is in existence for most of the 20th century as a  socially responsible business group that has skillfully skirted the excesses of the ‘90’s and the early 21st century.
  • Dedicated to developing  excellence in the areas of global business strategy, trade and investment management.
  • Addressing  the needs of clients including businesses, Organizations (Government & Non Government) and Non-Resident Indians seeking to enter, invest in  or deal with India.
  • With professional alliances of long standing and successful trial .
  • Delivering management  services customized to clients needs  and run as engagement projects.
  • The word "bee" has long been used to describe a busy gathering of people who come together for a special    purpose, such as quilting, spinning, logging, or raising a barn. Many think that the hard-working social insect of    the same name inspired this use of "bee". But some scholars believe it comes from the Middle English "bene,"    meaning a favor, which was sometimes used to describe neighbors helping out with a particular activity. At Bee    Management we realize that there is no better approach than a determined, intelligent and collaborative effort,    which is the basis of our christening. BEE is also an acronym for Business Evolution Engineering.
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What we do

  • Networking to help with your expansion and promotion in India.
  • Representation to help with your expansion and promotion in India.
  • Consultancy & Business Development Services in dealing with the Indian Market Place for you.

What we bring

  • Ours, runs as a lean, efficient and adaptable organization with external professional ties of long-standing and successful trial.
  • The Opportunities : India is fast growing into an attractive source and destination for global business, trade and investments. Non Resident Indians, businesses overseas and organizations (Governmental & Non Governmental) are looking at comfort and opportunities in India, from owning property, investing in equities, gaining from the interest rate differential between India and abroad, outsourcing research and development, outsourcing IT development, outsourcing business processes, setting up IT enabled back offices - all this by way of India as a source. They also seek to distribute & sell their products and services to India as a growing market. We identify and bring opportunities & resources to our clients and monitor their business for quality work flows, performance improvement and growth.
  • Offices in Mumbai & Pune in India
  • Alliances with domestic professionals of long standing and successful trial
  • Widely recognized and has alliances & clientele developing in the U.S.A., Canada, Central America, South America, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Africa, Middle East, China, South East Asia & Australia.

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